We can tell you plenty about Next Century, but our employees say it best.

“Approachable leadership! Our leadership is very down-to-earth and communication with them is very open. It’s more of a community relationship rather than a “boss and subordinate” relationship. We’re on the same team with the same goals, and we don’t put up unnecessary barriers.”


Software Engineer, Employee Since June 2012

“Basically, I’m in this industry because I want to help people. There are of course plenty of companies out there where I could keep doing that. But Next Century’s principles are compatible with my own, and now that I’m at a company where that’s true I don’t really want to go to one where it’s not.” 


Senior Software Engineer, Employees since August 2014

“I love working at Next Century because I feel that I am finally able reach my full potential. This is a company that values continuing education and self-direction, considering employees as investments. Character is a core value of the company. My teammates are some of the most brilliant people I have ever met – and also some of the most genuine. This, among other reasons, is why Next Century is an amazing and fulfilling place to work.” 


Senior Human Factors Engineer, Employees since October 2011

“3 years ago I had to choose between Next Century and one other job offer. A defining difference for me was that everyone in the Next Century interview process seemed like they actually liked their job. At the other company this was not the case; I literally had a VP of the company look at me funny when I said I was interested in building something that helped people do their job better; he responded that his goal for his job was to one day be on his own private island. Now all I’m thinking at that point is “good luck with that; do you really think telling me that is going to make me want to work with you day-in-and-day-out???”


Senior Software Engineer, Employee Since July 2014

“I joined Next Century because I believe the leadership conducts business with integrity and in line with their stated values. They’ve continued to demonstrate that and have earned more of my trust as I’ve worked here. I also stay because we have great employees. Our high hiring standards almost guarantee that our developers are smart team players that fit with the company culture. Next Century as a whole treats employees very well and like valued members of the same team. The leaders at the top of the company treat even the most junior employee with respect and like anyone else. There are still many more reasons that I work for Next Century such as being mission driven to save lives and make a difference. It’s also nice knowing we aren’t beholden to investors since we are privately owned.”


Software Architect, Employee Since November 2009

“What brings me to work each day? Knowing that I am working towards making a difference for how people do their work everyday and in some small way I am helping the country I care about. I love coming to work knowing that those who run the company are invested in us as individuals, that my voice is heard, that I am treated with respect, and I work in an environment where I feel safe.”


Human Factors Engineer, Employee Since July 2012

“I was deeply impressed from my first contact with Next Century, a sentiment that has not wavered since I joined. The projects and technologies are an interesting and challenging mix, the benefits generous and rewarding, the company mission inspiring, but most of all the employees are top notch: professional, friendly, collaborative, and smart. The management team is experienced and knows how to grow the company effectively, yet operates efficiently, maintains an open mind, and welcomes new ideas (and criticism).”


Software Engineer, Employee Since November 2007

“What I value most here is that I can take Next Century’s management at their word; there’s no double-speak or “spin” when they talk to employees.” 


Senior Software Architect, Employee since February 2013

“I love working for Next Century Corporation because for the first time in my career, I’m working on projects that save lives. And after two decades of looking for meaning in my career, ‘saving lives’ is quite frankly the only legacy I need. It took me 20 years to find this place, and every step of my long, long journey was worth it.”

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Technical Writer, Employee Since November 2009

“I come to work each day because I really enjoy the challenges and the people I work with on a daily basis. There’s always something to help out with, someone to help, and a team effort to strive for the goals of saving lives and protecting this country. We may not be directly on the battlefield but I have many friends serving in the United States military that are and I know how critical viable intelligence is for them on their missions. I’ve had friends come back different and some not come back at all and I am grateful to be, in some small way, a part of a group that is dedicated to ensuring they all come back home safely.”


Systems Security, Employee Since July 2015

“From day one I was blown away by Next Century: From a superbly organized admin staff, to fun and intelligent people that I actually looked forward to seeing every day, to an honest commitment to excellence that went beyond a cheesy corporate slogan. As a new graduate, they allowed me to explore new and exciting challenges to apply my talents to until I settled on the one I wanted to make my career in, who can say their company let them do the same?”


UX Engineer, Employee Since August 2011

“The company’s reputation precedes it. The Guidelines on the wall aren’t just smoke and mirrors; the people here truly believe and abide by them. The caliber of the people here is unrivaled. Also, despite the extremely challenging problems from customers and staff, everyone is generously rewarded for their accomplishments and no one is left unrecognized for their efforts.”


UX Designer, Employee Since 2009