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IARPA Targets Carbon Security Risk

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity–IARPA–recently launched a program called Virtuous User Environment, or VirtUE, to protect users against cloud-based security vulnerabilities by tapping into practices that can be shared via the cloud. We...

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Next Century Selected as One of Four to Develop VirtUE

From "The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity has selected four companies to develop technology platforms to help protect computers from cloud security threats."  Next Century has been selected as one of four companies to develop VirtUE,...

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UMBC’s new PI^2 Immersive Hybrid Reality Lab

It's official! UMBC's new PI^2 Immersive Hybrid Reality Lab (funded by Next Century and the NSF ) is up and running! The lab, also known as the virtual reality "cave" was created to reduce the distance between computers, data, and people. John McBeth, president, CEO...

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