Neon Open-Source Framework

Neon is an open-source framework used to develop custom data analysis applications designed to help integrate your visualizations with your data.

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DARPA-Driven Data Visualization Solution

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DARPA-Driven Data Visualization Solution

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The Problem

  • Data Analysts would receive large batches of unfiltered data which, over the course of several days, would need to be analyzed and sorted by several different tools.

The Solution

  • Neon streamlines the analysis process so anomalies stand out quickly and are caught early on.
  • Data can be reviewed in a single tool, instead of multiple tools, due to multiple visualizations.
  • Filtering allows for quick drilldown into large datasets, revealing relevant from data from the noise before being managed in individual tools.

The Impact

  • Currently used by approximately 8 projects at DARPA, MIT, DRAPER, and interest from AIT  (Ireland).

Analysts have the difficult task of digesting large amounts of data from sources around the world. They rely heavily on multiple data analysis and visualization widgets, often developed by different organizations. While there is no shortage of analysis widgets, developers face the challenge of creating common webtop environments where disparate web tools can work and communicate together.

Ideally, such environments would allow analysts the freedom to bring in any tool and any data set they need. As data changes rapidly, this environment should allow analysts to quickly change views on their tools, in a coordinated effort, to show them the data they want, when and how they want it.

XDATA, designed to advance big data by connecting the data to visualization tools, was one of the early programs that contributed the DARPA Open Catalog, a list of products developed on their programs to share beyond their funded research. Neon is a result of the work completed on XDATA and is a “first pass analysis” tool.

The Neon framework can incorporate a variety of data analysis and visualization widgets in a common web environment to allow analysts to explore complex data sets. It:

  • Is an open source framework
  • Helps developers produce custom data analysis applications
  • Provides the bridge between data stores and visualization widgets
  • Allows developers to create data exploration applications and workflows agnostic of other organizations’ input

It is comprised of two primary components:

  • Neon GeoTemporal Dashboard (GTD)
  • Neon Core Project