Women in Computing Day is about letting young women know that they also have the option to partake in the world of technology and they also have a voice and the power to make change in their society.

Studies have shown that young women sometimes think of computer science as an area consisting mostly of men. Researchers suggest this is due to a lack of female role models and knowledge of impact or jobs available in the field of Computer Science. In the United States, 26% of professionals in computer science were female with only 18% of computing BS degrees held by women in 2013. The statistics have not gotten much better as only 25.5% of women accounted for professionals in computing and math-related fields in 2016.

Next Century Corporation is a company that is passionate about giving back to the community and eager to create a greater impact on the next generation of young professionals. In order to create this change, we have created an event where women in this field can educate young women about the critical roles they can play in the technology industry. Events include introductions to robotics, programming languages, hardware, design, human-computer interactions, and more.